Government schemes

Government schemes

Government schemes, for every exams by state and central government. Especially for UPSC, BPSC, JPSC, UPPSC.

Do check every scheme, it’s up to the point, and which makes it easy to read. Geography current Affairs 2020

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1. Pradhanmantri Rojgar protsahan Yojana

Pradhanmantri Rojgar protsahan Yojana
  • Aims to incentivize employees for new employment.
  • Scheme is applicable to those having earnings less than rupees 15000 per month.
  • Has been launched by Ministry of Labour and employment.

2. Beti Bachao beti padhao scheme

Beti Bachao beti padhao scheme
  • Launched in 2015.
  • AIMS at promoting gender equality and significance of educating girls.
  • It is a tri-ministerial effort of :
  • A)Women and child development, is the nodal ministry B)  Health and Family Welfare and C)  human resource development.
  • According to census data the child sex ratio 0 to 6 years in India was 927 girls for 1000 boys in 2011 which drop to 918 girls for every 1000 boys in 2011. 


  • /// Aimed at improving quality of care in Labour room and Maternity operation theatre. BPSC practice set
  •  // by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  • ;; Is being implemented at all Medical College Hospital district hospitals and first referral unit and community health centre.
  • ;: It will benefit every pregnant women and new-born delivery in public health institutions.

4. Pradhan Mantri Employment generation programme

  • : Is implemented by Ministry of micro small and medium enterprises.
  • :: A major credit linked subsidy program being implemented by the Ministry since 2008-09.
  • ::: The scheme is aimed at generating self employment opportunities through establishment of micro enterprises.
  • ;; In the non farm sector by helping traditional Aarti sons and unemployed youth in ruler as well as urban areas.
  • : The Khadi and village Industries commission is the model implementation agency at National level.
  • ;; At the state district level state officers of (KVIC) khadi and village Industries board and district Industries centres are the implementing agencies.

5. Know India programme

Know India programme
  • :: Is a flagship programme of ministry of external affairs
  • \\\ For engagement with Indian origin youth between 18 to 30 years
  • :: To enhance their awareness about India and its cultural heritage heart and to familiarise them with various aspects of contemporary India. Financial Action task force
  • ;; Minimum is graduation passed and an ability to speak English. Government schemes
  • :: The applicant should not have visited India through any previous programs of Government of India.

6. Smart gram initiative

Smart gram initiative
  • ;; An initiative of Rashtrapati Bhavan
  • ; Under the project the selected villages will see new ventures in agriculture skill development.
  • \\\ Energy, education, health, Employment generation and entrepreneurship
  • :: The model is based on the convergence of resources and effort by the public and private sector. Government schemes
  • ;; And also by central and state government district administration Panchayati Raj an enlightened villages to enhance the environment connectivity and well-being of each village

7. National cyclone risk mitigation project

  • ;; Is a centrally sponsored scheme
  • /// Implemented with World Bank assistance
  • ;; First phase in 2011 in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha
  • \\\ Second Phase in Goa Gujarat Karnataka Kerala Maharashtra and West Bengal
  • /// Approx 5700 kilometre out of 7516 KM are vulnerable to cyclones

8. Pradhanmantri Matru Vandana Yojana

  • :/ A pan-India scheme from 1st January 2017
  • /// for all working pregnant women and lactating mothers
  • \\\ only, for the first child Public distribution system
  • /// benefits of rs 5000 per child
  • ;/ to women above 18 years

9. Integrated scheme for development of silk industry

  • /// Is a central sector scheme
  • \\\ Aims to achieve self sufficiency in silk production by 2022
  • /// Brand promotion of Indian Silk will be encouraged through quality certification by skill mark.
  • ;; Not only the domestic market but in the export market as well. Government schemes

10. CHAMAN SCHEME ( Coordinated Horticulture assessment and management using geoinformatics )

  • /// 7 horticultural crops are  included
  • /// In 12 major states and  in 180 districts
  • \\\ To carry out research on horticultural crop condition studies disease assessment and Precision farming
  • /// Crops included are potato onions Chilli tomato mango banana and citrus

11. Ayushman Bharat

  • /// The benefit cover will include pre and post hospitalization expenses
  • /// Target beneficiaries will be based on social economic and caste census database.
  • \\\ It will subsume the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana and senior citizen Health Insurance Scheme
  • /// All pre existing conditions will cover from day one of the policy
  • /// A define transport allowance for hospitalization will be paid to the beneficiary.

12. Indian rhino vision 2020

  • /// Is a partnership between Assam and the international rhino Foundation.
  • ;; The WWF for nature and the Bodoland territorial Council.
  • \\\ And US fish and world Wildlife Foundation
  • /// It aims to attain a population of 3000 wild greater one horned Rhinos in 7 of Assam protected area by the year 2020.

13. Disha Committee

  • /// The main purpose of this committee is to coordinate with Central state and local Panchayat government.
  • ;; For successful and timely implementation of the government schemes.Government schemes
  • === Committee can supersede the district Vigilance and monitoring committee currently mandated by the Ministry of Rural Development.
  • /// District Development coordination and monitoring committee in short is DIsha committee.
  • === The chairperson of the committee will be senior most Member of Parliament Lok Sabha, from the district nominated by the Ministry of Rural Development.
  • \\\ Other members of parliament Lok Sabha representing the district will designates as co-chair persons.

14. Maternity Benefit Amendment Act 

  • /// In 2017.
  • /// It in hands the paid maternity leave from A period of 12 weeks to 26 weeks.
  • ;; The law is applicable to all Institutions with 10 or more employees.
  • \\\ It makes mandatory for every organisation with 50 or more employees to have a creche. Government schemes

15. National biogas and manure management programme

  • /// Is a central sector scheme.
  • /// It provides for setting up of family type biogas plants mainly for ruler and semi urban households. Panchayati raj
  • /// Ministry of new and renewable energy is implementing.
  • ;; The national biogas and manure management programme in all the states and union territories. follow us on facebook
  • /// It is individual not commercial.

16. Van Dhan Yojana

  • /// It envisages Mechanism for marketing of (MFP) minor forest produce through minimum support price ( MSP ) and development of value chain of MFP. Bills on agriculture reforms

17. Protection of child from sexual offences act 2012 (POCSO)

  • /// Act provides punishment graded as per the gravity of offence.
  • — Persons below 18 years of age are deem as children in the Act. Panchayati raj
  • /// The act stipulates that care of child sexual abuse must be disposal within one year from the date the offence is reported.

18. Rashtriya uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan

  •  /// Is a centrally sponsored scheme.
  •  /// Improving the overall quality of existing state higher education institutions. Panchayati raj
  • Correcting regional imbalances in access to higher education.
  • /// Setting up of Higher Education institutions in unserved and underserved areas.
  • \\\ Improve equity it higher education by providing education opportunities to socially deprived communities.
  • Provide strategic funding to eligible state higher educational institutions. Panchayati raj
  • /// The objective is to achieve the target of GER of 30% by the year 2019-20 with equity and inclusion. 

19. Pradhanmantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana AND Pradhanmantri Suraksha Bima Yojana

  • /// Period under this scheme is first June of each year to 31st May of subsequent year.
  • /// These schemes offers both public and private sector insurance companies. With scheduled commercial banks regional rural banks and cooperative banks.
  • /// Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana offers a renewal 1 year eternal life cover of rupees 200000 to all subscribing bank account holders.
  • \\\ In the age group of 18 to 50 years covering death due to any reason for a premium of rupees 300 per annum for subscribers.
  • ;;; Pradhanmantri Suraksha Bima Yojana offers renewal of 1 year accidental death come disability. Cover to all subscribing bank account holders in the age group of 80 to 70 years.
  • \\\ For a premium of rupees 12 per annum per subscriber.
  • /// The above schemes are on self subscription basis and involves no government contribution.

20. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

  • /// Is World Bank aid project.
  • ;;; Grameen or rural operates under Ministry of drinking water and sanitation. Panchayati raj
  • /// Urban operates under Ministry of housing and urban affairs.

21. Pradhanmantri fasal Bima Yojana

  • /// Please scheme is compulsory for loanee farmers and voluntary for non loanee farmers for notified crops in notified areas.
  • /// The difference between premium and the rate of insurance charges payable by farmers as subsidy. And shared equally by the central and state.

22. Flagship programmes in India :- 

  • /// Flagship schemes of the Government of India are schemes by the Union Cabinet.
  • \\\ Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana. Panchayati raj
  • /// Pradhan Mantri gram Sadak Yojana.
  • ;;; Indira Aawas Yojana. Panchayati raj
  • /// Water and sanitation mission.
  • \\\ Know India programme.

23. Particularly vulnerable tribal groups ( PVTGs)

  • /// Ministry of Tribal Affairs.
  • ;;/ Are most vulnerable among the tribal groups. Panchayati raj
  • /// 75 tribal groups, by Ministry of Home Affairs as PVTGs.
  • /// PVTGs Suicide in 18 states and union territories including Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

24. Modified industrial infrastructure upgradation scheme ( MIIUS )

  • /// Under MIIUS, projects have been undertaken to upgrade infrastructure in existing industrial parks areas and estates 
  • ;;; Greenfield projects is undertaken in backward areas and North Eastern region under the scheme.
  • /// Projects by the state implementing agency of the state government.
  • /// It aims to enhance competitiveness of the industries by providing quality infrastructure through public and private partnership in selected clusters.

25. Pradhanmantri surakshit matritva Abhiyan

  • /// Launched by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  • /// Aims to provide comprehensive and quality antenatal care free of cost universally to all pregnant women on the 9th of every month.

Panchayati Raj

  • /// ( IPLEDGE- FOR-9 )Achievers awards have been devise to celebrate individual and team achievements.
  • \\\ For Pradhan Mantri surakshit matritva Abhiyan in states and districts across India.

26. Fugitive economic offenders act ( FEOA ) 

  • /// An arrest warrant must be issue against the individual. Panchayati raj
  • /// The value of offences exceeds Rupees 100 crore.
  • /// Individual refuses to return to the country to face prosecution in the specified cases. Panchayati Raj
  • /// As per the new law as special Court can order the confiscation of a FEOAs  properties.
  • \\\ Including those which are benami and the proceeds of crime in an outside India. Panchayati raj
  • \\\ Once properties, are the union government has the right over them and it can dispose after 90 days.

27. National clean air programme

  • It will be a five year Action Plan with 2019 as the first year
  •  Proposes increase in the number of monitoring stations in the country including a ruler monitoring stations
  •  District magistrate level committee in the district are to be constituted under and NCAP for effective implementation of the program
  • A tentative National level target of 20 to 30% reduction of PM 2.5 and pm10 concentration by 2024 is proposed under the ncc-ap taking 2017 as the best year for the comparison of concentration.

28. Pradhanmantri Annadatha Aay Suraksha Abhiyan ( PM-AASHA )

  • The first part is the PSS ( price support scheme ),here, physical procurement of pulses, oilseeds will be done by central nodal agencies. Besides NAFED, the Food Corporation of India will also take up procurement of crops and PSS.
  • Under  ( PDPS )price deficiency payment scheme, the centre proposes to cover all oilseeds and pay the farmer directly into his bank account the difference between the MSP and his actual selling/model price.
  • Under private procurement and stockist scheme ( PPSS )in selected districts a private player can Rock Your crops at MSP when market prices drop below MSP. The Bhakti Movement

29. Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik ( UDAN )

  • Only the state government will provide the financial support for flights under International Udan scheme.
  •  Guwahati is likely to be the first city to be connected internationally under this scheme. Government schemes
  • Under international udan the plan is to connect India’s smaller cities directly to small key foreign destinations in the neighbouring countries.
  • Unlike in domestic udan, one cannot get cheap tickets under International udan, but in the long run new opportunities for employment and business will be open.

30. Pradhanmantri Jan  Aarogya Yojana ( PM-JAY )

  • It is targeted at poor, deprived rural families and identified occupational category of urban workers families.
  •  the benefits will include both pre and post hospitalization expenses
  •  to ensure that nobody is left behind, especially women, children and the elderly, there will be no cap on the family size and age under the PMJAY

31. Rashtriya Yuva sashaktikaran karyakram scheme

  • It is a central sector scheme
  •  by Ministry of youth affairs and sports
  •  scheme beneficiaries are the youth in age from 15 to 29 years
  • NYKS and NYC are sub schemes under this scheme

32. SVEEP ( Systematic voters education and electoral participation )

  • In 2009 the election commission plant a program to enhance the voters turnout which came to be called SVEEP
  •  the two slogans under the scheme first, inclusive and qualitative participation second, no voter to be left Behind.

33. Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay antyodaya Krishi Puraskar

  • Instituted by  ( ICAR ) Indian Council of Agricultural Research
  •  the award not only covers women farmers but also landless farmers
  •  the award is to recognise the contributions of marginal, small and landless farmers for developing integrated and sustainable models of Agricultural farming. Bhakti Movement complete notes

34. Farmer first programme

  •  enhancing Farmer-scientist interface for technology development and application

35. Ultra mega power project

  • Ministry of power launched the initiative in November 2005
  •  with the objective to develop large capacity power projects in India
  •  objectives are fuel saving, higher thermal efficiency, supercritical Technology and lower Greenhouse gas emissions 

36. Nirbhaya fund

  • In 2013. Government schemes
  •  set up by Ministry of Finance
  •  it is non- lapsable Corpus fund
  •  nodal monitoring is Ministry of women and child development

37. Inclusive India initiative

  • Is an initiative of national trust under Ministry Of Social justice and empowerment
  •  is specifically catering to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Government schemes
  •  with an objective to include these people in the mainstream
  •  and in all important aspects of social life, namely education, employment and community
  •  inclusive India is about changing the attitudes

38. Uchhatar Avishkar Yojana

  • To promote innovation in areas that are directly of relevance to the manufacturing and design industry
  •  please per innovating mind saved in the students and faculty in Premier technological institutes
  •  to bring a coordinated action between academic and industry
  •  to have outcome based research funding


  • The objective of Sampada is to supplement agriculture, modernize processing and decrease Agro waste
  • is a central sector scheme of ministry of food processing industries for the period of 2016 to 20. Government schemes

40. Vishwakarma Rashtriya Puraskar

  • Earlier known as shram Veer national awards
  •  awarded by Ministry of labour and employment, since 1965
  •  given for outstanding suggestions by a worker or group of workers resulting improvement in quality, productivity and working conditions

41. Energy conservation Building Code  (ECBC )

  • in 2017 Committees of Lok-sabha
  • Being developed by Ministry of power and Bureau of Energy Efficiency, BEE. Government schemes
  •  ECBC, 2017 prescribes the energy performance standards for new commercial buildings to be constructed across India
  •  in order for a building to be considered ECBC compliant it would need to demonstrate minimum energy savings of 25%
  •  has been developed with the technical support from US agency for international development under the US India bilateral partnership to advance Clean Energy Deployment  technical assistance.( PACE-D TA )Program

42. Common service centres ( CSC )

  • Is an integral part of digital India initiative
  •  are managed and operated by a village level entrepreneur, VLE
  • not only provides services in the field of agriculture but also financial services as well
  •  initiative of ministry of Electronics and information technology

43. Pradhanmantri fasal Bima Yojana ( PMFBY )

  • The insurance companies will have to mandatorily spend 0.5 % of gross premium per company per season for publicity and Awareness of the scheme.
  • There is a provision of penalties for states and insurance companies for the delay in settlement of Insurance claim

44. Atal bimit vyakti Kalyan Yojana

  • Only insured persons  ( IP ) covered under the employees State Insurance act, 1948 are eligible for the scheme.
  • This scheme is a relief payable in cash directly to the beneficiary in bank account in case of unemployment and while they search for new engagement. Government schemes

45. Kayakalp scheme

  • Under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  •  to promote cleanliness in Public Health Care facilities

46. Electoral bonds scheme

  • The purchaser will be allowed to pay electoral bonds only by making payment from a bank account
  • only for citizens of India
  •  the bonds aimed at increasing transparency in political funding 
  • will have a life of 15 days during which they can be used to make donations to registered political parties
  • that have secured not less than one percent of the votes polled in the last election to the Lok Sabha or assembly. 

47. CIPAM ( Cell for IPR promotion and Management )

  • Created as a professional body under the ages of department of industrial policy and promotion
  •  under commerce and industry ministry\
  •  launched a social media campaign to promote geographical indications ( GI ) with the ( #LETS theTALKIP )

48. CARA  ( Central adoption resource authority )

  • Is a statutory body of ministry of women and child development
  •  functions as the nodal body for adoption of Indian children
  •  it is mandated to monitor can regulate in-country and inter-country adoption
  • CARA, deals with accordance with the provisions of the Hague convention on intercountry adoption, 1993 ratified by government of India in 2003. A complete notes on Physical Geography
  • CARA now comes under the umbrella of ICPS  of ( the Integrated Child Protection Scheme ) agencies18

49. Core of the core schemes of the central government:  6 core programmes

  • National social assistance programme
  •  umbrella programme for development of minorities
  • programme for development of Scheduled castes
  •  umbrella scheme for development of backward classes, differently abled and other vulnerable groups
  •  umbrella scheme for development of Scheduled Tribes (  Tribal education and van Bandhu Kalyan Yojana )

50. NCPCR ( National Commission for protection of child rights )

  • Is a statutory body
  •  is under the administrative control of the ministry of women and child development
  •  was set up in 2007, Act of 2005
  •  chairperson and six members of which at least two should be women
  •  appointed by central government for three years

51. Pradhanmantri Jan Aarogya Yojana

  • Ayushman Bharat where 1.5 Lakh health sub centres are being converted into health and Wellness centres
  •  NHPM, National Health protection mission which aims to provide health cover of rupees 5 lakh per family per annum reaching out to 50 crore people

52. Pradhanmantri Mudra Yojana

  • Shishu loans account for majority of Mudra loans
  •  it is an initiative by Ministry of Finance
  •  Tamil Nadu is the leading state as far as the total percentage of functional loans is concern under the scheme followed by Karnataka and Maharashtra
  •  the loans under the scheme has three categories first ) Shishu which will cover loan of upto 50000 second ) Kishore for launch above rupees 50000 and upto rupees 5 lakh third ) Tarun for loans above 5 lakh and upto rupees 10 lakh

53. Green skill development programme

  • Aims to skill 7 million youth in environment, Forestry, wildlife and climate change factors by 2021. A complete notes on Physical Geography
  • is being implemented by Ministry of environment, forest and climate change

54. Atal new India challenge 

  • Individual innovators
  •  startups Defined by the department of industrial policy and promotion
  •  MSME as defined in the  MSMED Act 2006
  • Indian companies registered under the Companies Act 1956/ 2013
  •  government or private research and development organisations
  •  academic Institutions academicians or even individual innovators provided they partner with entities with appropriate manufacturing capabilities
  • The ministry is collaborating with Atal new India challenge are ;- 
  • road, transport and highways
  • housing and urban affairs
  •  Ministry of Agriculture and Family Welfare
  •  Ministry of drinking water and sanitation
  •  Railway Board

55. Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana

  •  organic farming is promoted through the adoption of organic village by cluster approach and participatory guarantee system ( PGS ) certification
  •  under this Yojana the farmer within a group can avail benefit to a maximum of 2 hectares

56. Women transforming India awards

  • Niti Aayog
  •  in partnership with United Nation in India and my government
  •  aim to recognise the transformational impact of work undertaken by women across India’s villages, towns and cities.

57. Khelo India scheme

  • Under 17 age group
  •  Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan, urban Sports infrastructure scheme and national sports Talent Search programme has been most under the khelo India scheme.

58. Sankalp and strive

  • These are World Bank  supported schemes
  •  Sankalp is a centrally sponsored scheme and strive is a central sector scheme
  •  Sankalp skills acquisition and knowledge awareness for livelihood promotion
  •  strive skill strengthening for industrial value enhancement

59. National nutrition mission

  • Aims to reduce stunting undernutrition a low birth weight among children by 2% per annum
  •  also targets to reduce anaemia among young children, women and adolescent girls by 3% per annum
  •  is being implemented by Ministry of women and child development

60. Kusum (  Kisan Urja Suraksha evam utthaan Mahaabhiyan )

  • Grid connected solar power plants each of its capacity up to two Mega what will be installed in the rural areas
  • SOPS will be provided to DISCOMS to purchase the electricity produced under the scheme 
  • Existing pumps as well as government tube Wells will be solarised
  •  installation of standalone off-grid solar water pumps to fulfil irrigation needs of farmers not connected to the grid

61. Pradhanmantri Bhartiya Jan aushadhi pariyojana

  • Launched in 2008 by Ministry of chemicals and fertilizers as Jan aushadhi scheme. Sources of Indian History
  •  aim to make available quality generic medicines at affordable prices to all
  •  it seeks to keep product price with 50% of branded produce price to make it affordable for all especially the poor

62. 7 mission innovation challenges

  • Smart grids innovation challenge
  •  off grid access to Electricity innovation challenge
  •  carbon capture innovation challenge
  •  sustainable biofuels
  •  converting sunlight Indian National Movement
  •  Clean Energy materials
  •  affordable heating and cooling of buildings

63. GOBAR-DHAN ( Galvanizing organic bio Agro resources scheme )

  • Create an online platform for trading cow dung and agricultural waste
  •  under its recently announced waste to wealth scheme


  • Under Ministry of Commerce and industry is to promote Indian GI
  • Is a social media campaign of the cell for IPR promotions and management,  CIPM under the ages of department of industrial policy and promotion, DIPP

65. AWSAR ( Augmenting writing skills for articulating research )  initiative

  • Has been started by Department of Science and Technology
  •  aims to encourage and equipped PhD Scholars and postdoctoral fellows with skills to communicate science with lay people

66. Rashtriya gram  Swaraj Abhiyan

  • Is a centrally sponsored scheme
  • By Ministry of Finance
  •  for developing governance capability of Panchayati Raj institutions ( PRI )to deliver on the SDGs. 

67. Krishi Kalyan Abhiyan

  • For improving farming techniques and income raise
  •  taken in 25 villages with more than 1000 population districts identified in consultation with Ministry of Rural Development
  •  in districts where number of villages was less than 25 were also covered

68. Rajiv Gandhi National creche scheme

  • Focuses on Children of 6 month to 6 years
  •  working women in rural and urban areas who are employed for available Period of 15 days in a month of six months in a year

69. Mega Food Park scheme

  • By Ministry of food processing industry
  •  is implemented by special purpose vehicle SPV which is a body corporate registered under the Companies Act
  •  HOWEVER, State Government and titles and cooperative are not required to form a separate spv for implementation of Mega Food Park project

70. Jal Vikas Marg project

  • On river Ganga
  •  with help from World Bank
  •  from Allahabad to Haldia with 1500 to 2000 tonne deadweight capacity

71. Atal Bhujal Yojana

  • From 2018 to 2019 and from 2022 to 2023,  5 years
  • Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan 
  • In priority areas in country through community participation

72. Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalay scheme 

  • Launched in July 2004 for setting up residential schools at Upper primary level for girls belonging to ST, SC, OBC and minority 
  • Is implemented by educationally backward blocks ( EBBs ) of the country where the female rural literacy Is below the national average and gender gap in literacy is above the national average.

73. Prime Minister Employment generation programme

  • by ministry of MSME
  •  is a major credit linked subsidy scheme since 2008-09
  •  maximum cost of the project and the scheme is rupees 25 lakhs for manufacturing sector units and rupees 10 lakhs for units under service sector
  •  women entrepreneurs are covered under special category and are entitled to 25% in urban and 35% subsidy in rural areas

74. National Rural drinking water programme

  • Is a centrally sponsored scheme
  • with 50:50 fund sharing between the centre and the state government

75. Swachhata udyami Yojana 

  • Launched by Ministry Of Social justice and empowerment in October 2014
  •  it extends financial assistance for construction operation and maintenance pay and use community toilets in PPP mode procurement and operation of sanitation related vehicles

76. Swayam programme (  study webs of active learning for young Aspiring Minds )

  • Under this program professor of centrally funded Institutions like IIT, IIM, central universities will offer online courses to citizens of our country
  • All courses will be made available free of cost for learning
  •  in case the learners requires verified certificate a small fee will be applicable

77. Impress scheme (  impactful policy research in social science )

  • BY Ministry of HRD
  •  implemented by Indian Council of Social Science Research

78. Setu Bharatam programme

  • Aims to make all national highways free of railway level crossing by 2019
  •  maximum of of railway over bridges and Railway under bridges will be built in Andhra Pradesh

79. Exercise sea vigil

  • aims to comprehensively validate the efficiency of the measures taken since 26/11
  •  being undertaken along the entire coastline and exclusive Economic Zone of India
  •  being undertaken in involving all the 13 coastal states and union territory
  •  is being undertaken along with all maritimes with stakeholders including the fishing and coastal communities
  •  also all operational Assets of the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard are participating in the exercise

80. Aadi Mahotsav

  • Organised by Ministry of Tribal Affairs
  •  is an effort to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of the tribes
  •  to popularise the tribal cuisine around the country
  • to provide the tribes market access for their products across the country
  •  TRIFED, through Aadi Mahotsav provides this facilities

81. Padhe Bharat Badhe Bharat

  • In 2014
  •  to ensure students of class 1 and 2 able to read with comprehension as well as basic numeracy skills

82. Unnat chulha Abhiyan ( UCA )

  • Is a program of ministry of New and renewable energy
  •  to mitigate climate change by reducing the black carbon and other emissions resulting from Burning Biomass for cooking
  •  to mitigate drudgery of women and children using traditional chulha for cooking
  • today velop and deploy improved by Thomas Cook stoves for providing cleaners cooking energy solutions in ruler semi-urban and urban areas using Biomass as fuel for cooking

83. Mahila e Haat

  • By Ministry of women and child development under Rashtriya Mahila kosh, RMK
  •  An initiative for women across the country as a part of digital India and stand up India initiative
  •  is an online marketing platform for women where participants can display their products
  •  is an initiative for meeting aspirations and needs of women entrepreneurs

84. National mission for manuscript, NMM

  • By Ministry of Tourism and culture
  •  motto of national mission for manuscript is conserving the past for the future
  •  nmm is engaged in documentation of Indian manuscripts not digitise

85. Udyam Sakhi

  • Initiative MSME
  •  it is a network of honouring businesses model revolving around low cost products and services to resolve social inequalities

86. National children’s science congress

  • It is a nationwide program started in 1993
  •  it is a program or Department of Science and Technology and National Council for science and technology communication
  •  AIMS at providing a forum for children from both Formal School systems as well as from out of school of the age group of 10 to 17 years to exhibit their creativity and innovativeness

87. Strategy for new India @ 75

  • By Niti Aayog
  •  aims to accelerate India’s growth to 8%
  •  aims to propel the country towards a 5 trillion economy by 2030

88. AIIMS are being established under which schemes

  • Pradhanmantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana 

89. IDWH, Integrated development of wildlife habitats scheme

  • Centrally sponsored scheme
  •  Aims to support to protected areas
  •  to protect wildlife outside the protected area
  •  recovery program for saving critically endangered species

90. Jeevan pramaan

  • Digital life certificate form for pensioners scheme
  •  is a biometric enabled digital service for pensioners
  •  physically present in front will not be necessary

91. Umang ( unified mobile application for new age governance )

  • Is a platform created by the government that enables access to various government services to the citizens through their mobile phones

92. Common service centre CSC 2.0 scheme

  • At least one CSC will be set up in each of 2.5 lakh gram panchayats across the country by 2019
  •  this scheme would consider it Service Delivery through a Universal Technology platform
  •  AIMS the sustainability of village level entrepreneurs through maximum Commission sharing

93. Soil health card

  • Health card will be made available once in a cycle of three years which will indicate the status of soil health of a farmers folding for that particular period
  • Samples are taken generally two times in a year after harvesting of Rabi and kharif crop respectively or when there is no standing crop in the field

94. Ethanol blending programme

  • India AIMS at 20% ethanol blending in Petrol but 2030
  •  at present ( OMC )Oil marketing companies can sell ethanol blended petrol with percentage of Ethanol up to 10% in as many states as possible

95. NCAP

  • Is not a pan- India, but her cities specific program
  • aims to reduce particulate matter pollution by 20 to 30% in at least 102 Cities by 2024
  •  2019 is first year and it is a 5 year Action Plan

96. National Knowledge network ( NKN )

  • aims to interconnect all Institutions Of Higher Learning and Research with high speed Data communication network to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaborative research

97. Pradhan Mantri digital Saksharta Abhiyan

  • It covers people of the age group from 14 to 60 years
  •  AIMS to digital illiterate one eligible person from every ruler household
  •  medium of instruction is any official language of India

98. Cyber swachhta Kendra : 2017

  • It has been launched by the government for detection of systems infected by Malware /botnets in the country
  •  it enables cleaning and security systems of end users to prevent for the Malware infections by providing free bot removal tool via web portal

99. Sexual harassment of women at workplace prevention prohibition and redressal Act 2013

  • Victims need to file Complaints against the act within three months
  •  the second is a proposal to ensure that the IC members don’t get entangled in court cases if an employer or an accused or a complaint and is unhappy with their decision .It is not a part of the act

100. Green revolution Krishi Unnati Yojana

  • Since 2016 and 2017
  •  it is an umbrella scheme comprises of schemes and missions
  •  these schemes look to develop the agriculture and allied sector in holistic and scientific manner to increase the income of farmers by enhancing production productivity and better returns on produce
  • Schemes covered under green revolution krishnavati Yojana are
  •  national food security mission
  •  National e governance plan
  •  mission for integrated development of horticulture
  •  integrated scheme on agriculture census economics and statistics

101. Mahila coir Yojana

  • Scheme is being implemented by the government through the coir board under its coir Vikas Yojana
  • coir is not Pan India but prevalent in coir producing coastal states and North Eastern region
  • Not more than one partition for household would be eligible to receive assistance under the scheme

102. PRERNA Scheme

  • only for BPL families
  •  scheme recognises and awards couples who have broken the stereotype of early marriage, early childbirth,  repeated childbirth and have helped change the mindset of the community
  • National Population stabilization fund, Jansankhya sthirata kosh an autonomous body of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, has launched Prerna scheme
  • In 7 States
  •   Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh

103. Cyber Shiksha

  • By Microsoft India and data Security Council of India ( DSCI )
  • 3 year program to create a dynamic full of skilled women professionals in the country
  •  under this initiative 1,000 women from underserved communities will be trained in 10 locations across the country and offered employment opportunities

104. Women of India organic festival

  • By Ministry of women and child development
  •  organised annually since 2015
  •  5th,  in Mumbai 2018,, 6th in chandigarh 2019,
  •  promotes women entrepreneurs and farmers in the organic field from across India

105. 24*7–PFA ( power to All )

  • Is a joint initiative of Government of India and state government with objective to provide 24 *  7 power available To 
  • All households
  •  industry
  •  commercial businesses
  •  public needs
  •  any other electricity consuming entity and adequate power to Agriculture Farm Holdings by financial year 2019

106. Ujjwal Bharat

  • Is a joint program of ministry of power, Ministry of coal and ministry of New and renewable energy
  •  to ensure electricity by 2019

Daily current Affairs

The topic “daily current affairs”, PSConline notes provides a Holistic approach to the current affairs in a concise and legally prospective manner.

It will benefit students of SSC, Railways, NDA, UPSC, BPSC, JPSC, jssc.

And those interested in gaining knowledge over the topic.

The focus given on the most crucial and landmark parts of the current affairs. Help the Reader to comprehend information within a short span of time.

A combined approach of having a topic which widens the thought process of the Reader. And provides better understanding of the fact that it is. So

for the reader to retain and recall the questions and their significance in a much easier fashion.

We believe learning opens up opportunities because create careers and hence better lives.

Because of the nature of the topic daily current affairs can be important but it has been thoroughly discussed in a group. So that the students will improve day by day. Do solve other practice set important for JPSC, JSSC, SI and BPSC.

झारखंड की जनजातियां

झारखंड के 32 प्रकार के अनुसूचित जनजातियों निवास करती है। इन्हें दो वर्गों में विभाजित किया गया है।

जनजाति एवं आदिम जनजाति जनजातियों के नाम हैं।

असुर, बंजारा, बिरहोर, बैगा, भूमिज, हो, करमाली, कांवर, खड़िया, खरवार, किसान, कौल, मुंडा, लोहरा, माल पहाड़िया, संथाल, सुरैया पहाड़िया

जनजातीय सामाजिक व्यवस्था

जनजातीय समाज कई गोत्र अथवा कूटों में बड़ा संगठन है।

जिससे जानवर पक्षी वृक्ष या पदार्थ पर उनका गोत्र का नाम रहता है। वह उस गोत्र धारक के लिए आदर की वस्तु समझी जाती है।

अपने गोत्र या कूट में विवाह करना वर्जित है। संतान को पिता का गोत्र मिलता है। विवाह के उपरांत लड़की अपने पति का गोत्र धारण करती है।

जनजातीय समाज एवं संस्कृति

जनजातियों की सामाजिक एवं सांस्कृतिक व्यवस्था दुरुस्त वनांचल क्षेत्रों में हुई थी जब इनका वह संस्कृतियों से संपर्क नहीं हुआ था तब इनकी जीवन शैली है।

सामूहिक ता पर आधारित थी परंतु आज उनकी सामाजिक आर्थिक व्यवस्था पहले के समान सरल नहीं रह गई है।

परिवर्तन के बीच भी जनजातीय समाज के लोग अपनी सामाजिक सांस्कृतिक परंपराओं को दृढ़ता से पालन कर रहे हैं।

झारखंड की जनजातियां आज पांच अवस्था में पड़ी हुई हैं।

प्रथम वर्ग में बिरहोर खड़िया आदि जनजाति दुर्गम क्षेत्रों में निवास करती है। और पूरी तरह वन उत्पादों पर ही निर्भर है।

दूसरे वर्ग में कोरवा सरैया पहाड़िया है। जो जंगल जरा करके तैयार करते हैं।

तीसरे वर्ग में उड़ाओ मुंडा संथाल आदि हैं। जो स्थाई कृषि तथा पशु पालन पर निर्भर हैं। और उत्पादन की अर्थव्यवस्था से जुड़े हुए हैं।

चौथे वर्ग में कर माली माली आदि हैं। जो जीविका के लिए ग्रह उद्योगों पर आश्रित हैं।

पांचवा वर्ग नगरों में निवास करते हैं। उनकी जीवनशैली भी आम शहरी तरह की ही है। परंतु अपनी सांस्कृतिक पहचान से बनाए हुए हैं।

जनजातियों के लिए अपनी संस्कृति की विशिष्टता तथा अस्मिता का विशेष महत्व है।

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